Article One - Preamble

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Article One - Preamble

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:09 am

We the People of the Dominion, in order to establish a more perfect confederation for the peoples of Earth and of the Colonies do ordain this Codex as a limit on the tyranny of any single man. With this concord we establish boundaries to the powers granted to the institutions of Earth and of the Government in order to ensure liberty and quality of life for all.

We the People recognize that due to scientific and social advances brought on due to the introduction of the Neural Plate and of Cloning the role of the Government and of the Agencies is no longer to preserve the life and property of its citizens, but instead to preserve the quality of life and property of its citizens. This includes but is not limited to allowing full access to healthcare, protection from undue violence, and protection from unjust seizures and forfeitures.

We the People grant economic and political status to the factions in order that citizens of the Dominion may engage in commerce and limited warfare for the betterment of the Dominion as a whole. Citizens while in a faction surrender some of their political rights as citizens in exchange for the protection of that faction.

We learn from mistakes of our past and seek to preserve the struggle that makes us human and to these ends set out the powers of the Government and the Agencies to unite our strength, to maintain international and interstellar security, and to employ international and interstellar machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement everywhere.


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