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Dominion Police Department

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Dominion Police Department
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General Code of Conduct for Officers
Enforcement and Laws
PP Limits
DeMorgans Castle

General Code of Conduct for Officers

Here are some general pointers on how to behave whilst on duty (in game);
Don’t be rude. Don’t treat people badly, no matter how much they harass you or others. Stay calm, apply WSA (see definition below) if needed. Losing your cool will always make bad situations worse than they already were.
Never bring too many fellow officers in a tense situation. If you are the superior officer, have them stand-by close to the situation but tell them not to get involved. So many situations can be solved by just a few polite words. Chances of that happening go down drastically with too many people trying to get involved.
Don’t unholster if there is no reason to do so. People often get wrong impressions, when unholstered police officers come their way.
You are a cop, behave like one. Act professional, no spamming, harassing or any of that. Also, no duels while on duty, you will never know when a ruthless criminal comes out of no-where when you are stunned or low on health.
Don’t loot during battle unless you absolutely need the ammo. Also, share any excess loot you find while travelling in a group. Sparing that clip or chest armor might save your fellow officer’s life, and then, yours as well.
Be kind to new players. If for instance their faction is on Arrest on Sight, tell them what’s going on before you rubber them or escort them out. Generally is it always good to tell people what they are doing wrong, if it seems like they don’t know
Have fun. If a situation is irritating you just too much, tell a fellow officer there you’re stepping out for a few.

Enforcement and Laws

The laws on earth divide each criminal act into one of three groups:
Infractions (I): Civilians will be warned to discontinue what they're doing and be advised that their actions may bring about further police action. If the officer deems it appropriate, the civilian may be asked to leave the premise. If the action continues, the subject shall be advised that they're under arrest (when appropriate) and should be arrested.
Misdemeanors (M): Civilians will be subject to discretionary arrest or removal from premise. It will be up to the individual Officer’s best judgement how best to remedy the situation.
Felonies(F): Civilian will be subject to immediate arrest or use of lethal force.

The general accepted way to deal with crimes not involving lethal force is to utilize Warn Stun Arrest (WSA). When someone opens lethal fire on you, a fellow officer or a civilian, you have right to use lethal force in return (as stated in the laws). Depending on the numbers and the situation, arresting may be a better option. Lethal force should be a last resort. Lethal force should be used when the officer(S) are participating in joint operations with the Dominion Infantry or when advised to by either the ranking officer or High Command member of either the Dominion Infantry or Dominion Police Department.

All civilian Most Wanteds (MW) shall be arrested. A Most Wanted is a criminal whose notorious for breaking the law and murdering innocent people. You can get a list of the current most wanted felons at any security terminal. Once in the field, you will be able to identify Most Wanted felons almost immediately (A person who is most wanted will show up with a red “MOST WANTED” tag under your crosshairs when you target them). If you encounter a Most Wanted, it's encouraged to ask them to turn themselves in. If they refuse to turn themselves in, they shall be arrested. A Most Wanted shall be arrested on any colony or earth location.
Scanner Policy: No person shall be randomly scanned unless the officer has Probable Cause to conduct the scan. In Demorgans Castle, scanning will be permitted to enter certain areas of the prison.
PP Limits

The Dominion Police Department recognizes that at times, officers may gain Penalty Points as a result of their enforcement action. The Penalty Point limit for all officers serving int he Global Dominion Police Department is 5000 Penalty Points. Each officer should ensure that they don't go past the penalty limit. Officers should make time in their schedule to work of their Penalty Points during low activity times. If any officer goes past the allotted threshold, Internal Affairs, High Command, or Departmental Command may order that officer to turn themselves in immediately regardless of what's going on. Frequent violations of this rule will result in disciplinary actions.

DeMorgans Castle

DeMorgans Castle, or DMC, is our prison and only off-world colony. Arrested criminals get sent inside here to work off their penalty points. It is the job of the Dominion Corrections to ensure the integrity of the prison.

No civilians are allowed in DMC, if they do come in they are to be escorted out. People are allowed to use the mining area, but they must be scanned by an officer and be unarmed to proceed to that area. When they are done, they are to be escorted to Entry. If the officers guarding DMC come as across as harsh, please realize that this is our prison, and our only one.

Patrolmen may only stay in ‘Entry’, if you venture beyond it, you will be breaking DMC rules and will be punished accordingly.


The Responsibilities of an GD Police Officer are dictated in the below section.

A GD Police Officer must, at all times:
Maintain, to the best of their abilities, peace and order in all zones.
Must make sure that all laws are enforced and criminals are identified, arrested, and remain incarcerated.
Maintain the integrity of GD by enforcing departmental rules, the conduct of proper legal police procedures, and the rooting out of corrupt officers.

In order to maintain the law, the law must firmly establish:
The dissolution of all notions of arbitrary law enforcement on Earth and the DeMorgan's Castle prison Colony. These Ordinances will be published for reference to all Citizens of the Dominion, so they may avoid any and all trouble while carrying out their business on Earth.

Clearly state what punishment is suitable for any given crime:
The punishments, "worst-case judgments" and departmental-approved methods of enforcement are clearly stated, so the rights of the Citizens of the Dominion cannot be infringed upon. This not only protects the offender, but the arresting Officer.


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